New music for a new financial future


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“This song is a new form of financial information.”

54% of Black Americans don’t have enough savings to retire. Planning and saving early will be critical to closing the gap, but as it stands, 41% of young adults between 24-35 aren’t taking full advantage of employer-sponsored plans.

As a retirement company, we want to get the word out and help reverse this trend.

In partnership with hip-hop artists Wyclef Jean, Pusha T, Lola Brooke, Capella Grey and Flau’jae, we’re dropping “Paper Right,” a new music single aimed at starting conversations around retirement planning and building generational wealth.

Heavy rotation goes heavy for the cause.

Streaming the song stacks donations to First Generation Investors, a non-profit organization committed to teaching students how to invest.

Play it, share it, then play it again for the cause.

750,000 streams and counting

About first generation investors

First Generation Investors’ mission is to provide financial learning experiences that inspire students to take control of their financial futures.

They offer 8-week courses covering a range of investment and personal finance topics, and all students who successfully complete the program are given a grant to begin their investing journey.

the scenes

Hear from Wyclef on the process of making the track, and the legacy he hopes to leave behind with it.